Coral Simulation

Project Description

A photo-realistic 3D interactive software simulation, to help stream line the education of potential/current coral growers and or commercial coral farmers. The simulation also includes a screensaver component, comparable to the distributed computing screensaver SETI. The simulation demonstrates the effects of the environment on the growth of coral.

Group Profile

The group of developers (NybbleX2) were students from the School of Engineering and Information Technology at Murdoch University.

Murdoch has more than 22,500 students and 1,400 staff, including 2,000 overseas students from around 100 countries studying in Perth and another 6,500 studying offshore. Murdoch is recognised as one of Australia's leading research institutions, as more industries place their belief and resources into our projects to provide our research candidates and scientists with the opportunity to make amazing discoveries.

The School of Engineering and Information Technology is an innovative faculty where students can pursue their studies in a stimulating learning environment. Our school features world-class facilities and a highly qualified faculty, focused on preparing students for careers in dynamic and challenging sectors.

The Team

The Team

Award Cermony

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Information Technology Communication Prize – Semester 2 (2012) Best group presentation in ‘Information Technology Project’ and ‘Games Technology Project’ in Semester 2

Information Technology Prize (2012) Best group project in ‘Games Technology Project’ and ‘Information Technology Project’

WAiTTA Finalist 2012-13 Student Domain – Tertiary Student Project