XNA Math Racing

ICT309 - Math Racer Demo


  • Voice Recognition
  • Speech Synthesis
  • Curriculum (Grade 1 to grade 12)

    • Division
    • Multiplication
    • Addition
    • Subtraction
  • Physics
  • Teaches you math…
  • Highscores

    • Uploaded to a webserver
    • Can also be viewed using a standard web browser.

World Builder/ Scene Graph Demo


  • Scene graphs are loaded through the xna content pipeline
  • Scene graph serializes directly to XML allowing loading/ saving
  • Ability to right click on nodes and add “Custom control” i.e. imput, xbox avatars, keyboard movement and so forth
  • Ability to modify various variables of a selected Spatial in the scene graph i.e. locations, rotations and so forth
  • Grid on/off
  • Right clicking allows you to rotate the camera, arrow buttons allow movement
  • selected objects
  • The nodes can be added to the XNA components game, which manage update/drawing via Components.Add(new Node())

The scene graph is inspired by Jmonkey’s scene graph; the GUI also shares some similarities.